As we wanted to meet all the problems that ship owners have while equipping their boats, we decided to form one professional team of people in one place, handling knowledge and tools to meet all the needs of clients that don’t want to waste their precious time reserved for vacation or business wither they are on sea or land..

Trough our company we offer you all possible services that you might need. From winter protecting, dry docking, servicing, getting and installing equipment. We also prepare boats for season with maintenance checking, cleaning, supplying, we can recommend highly trained and professional crew and if you wish, we can also rent sell or buy ships

We offer a special program for foreign flags and ships owned by foreigners, and also a unique program for ships owned by Croatian people under Croatian flag.

We are providing you with a team of professionals that are capable of communicating with you on English, Italian and Czech language. They are all highly trained, experienced and have a relaxed approach. They are at your disposal for 24 hours, exclusively for contracted clients, for all others they operate on standard European working time. If you come to our office, you will get insight to all our special offer benefits which you can add to the contract designed by your needs..

brodska oprema

After a lifetime of service and work in nautical department, and excellent cooperation with suppliers we think that we are on the edge of ideal service. We are here for you, and yours is only to show us your trust.

With respect to complete ship equipment program which we offer, we think of ourselves high quality partners an associate in the field of nautical mechanics which became our basic activity and which we developed the most. We accomplished this by working with reputable brands from the field of marine mechanics, electronics and servicing respectable ships and motor yachts.

Our newly opened office and shop is in Split, Croatia, address: A.G Matoša 63 Split, phone number: +385 0 91 785 68 24
With our team, we are able to give you service anywhere on the coast, and we are more than ready to meet our contract agreements at any given time.



Stjepan Gojsalić, born 26.12.1965, in the city of Split, his experience came out of 18 year long career that started in Split city shipyard for 5 years, then 10 years long service on ships under many different flags posing as el. eng., and last three years as a exclusive yacht, frigo electro and electronics and automatics eng

Five years of independent work and raising the company Siva Stina 2006 and Lucky Wave on respectable level in areas of service, installations and maintenance.

During his work abroad and ships all around the world, he gained great experience in fields of automatics and electronics dealing with high end equipment and highly trained associates. Interdependently performed testing, installations and servicing all kinds of automatic devices and systems .