Technical services

Our services

  • installation of generators
  • installation of air conditioners
  • instalation of heating systems
  • installation of satellite antenna systems and devices related to TV and antenna systems
  • installation and networking of surveilance cameras
  • installation of satellite phones and fax machines
  • installation of solar systems
  • installation of wind generators
  • installation of batteries and related electrical installations
  • installation invertors and battery chargers
  • all types of automated ship systems and main engine automation
  • complete ship’s electrical installations
  • technical design, preparing trade offers, cost planning
  • installation of telescopic gangways
  • installation of autopilots
  • installation of navigational equipment (complete assortment)
  • installation of flaps and stabilizers
  • installation of bow and stern thrusters
  • installation of electrical and hidraulic winches
  • installation of TV sets and automated TV lifts and brackets
  • manufacture and installation of control panels
  • installation of additional instruments and controls for existing systems
  • installation of pumps and accompanying sensors
  • manufacture and installation of electrical panels 220/24/12V
  • installation of isolation transformers
  • instalation of 220V electrical instalations
  • installation of gantry cranes
  • installation of desalinators
  • automation of main engines
  • replacing old installations
  • repair of flooded installations
  • repair of burnt installations
  • ship maintenance and service records (inspections, repairs, regular maintenance)
  • all year tending (with a service contract)

Inter-mediation for other professional services and warranty for subcontractors’ work

  • plastics
  • paint
  • wood
  • mechanics
  • stainless steel
  • cleaning (interior and exterior)
  • skippers
  • Supervised dry docks
  • Preparing the ship for season and accomodation in a marina of Your choice
  • Protecting the ship during winter with boat coat materials. Time, place and ship dimensons not relevant (see the „Boat Coat“ catalogue)
  • Protecting the ship during winter and carrying out all work without obstruction
  • Organising all types of technical support and work under Your name
  • Advice and assesment of possible costs when buying a new ship
  • Procuration and transport of ships from United States
  • Subcontracting specialists for all services and jobs not covered by us

Benefits of Lucky Wave service contract

  • Precedence over others
  • Repair of malfunctions or organization of repairs in shortest time
  • Maintaining price list and schedule of all work done
  • Price reduction over non-contract customers
  • More favorable prices for all equipment purchased from us
  • Quality and professional relation toward Your Ship
  • Warranty for all work done
  • Warranty for all devices purchased from us
  • Complete equipping of Your ship with our products
  • Shortest time acquiring any equipment and material of any make and model thanks to our contacts
  • We offer latest solutions available in market
  • We work with finest materials and equipment of highest quality

We posses all qualities to make You more than satisfied wit our services.
We develop and grow day by day. Become a part of us as soon as possible.
For all informations needed You can find us at our premises.
We ask that You come personally for a mandatory intervju about contract details.
We reserve the right to refuse services for customers not under contract.
We work with pur own equipment and devices and we offer warranty for our services and equipment quality

We also reserve the possibility of not installing equipment not acquired through us nor do we offer warranty for installing such equippment or the equipment itself. Such work is carried out under special price list.

Contract with us means no more problems with maintaining your ship try out the quality near you. All installation jobs in the area of split are without  any special conditions. Fieldwork carries extra costs. For all work done by us we provide berth and a crane under favorable prices. We provide favourable prices for dry docking for all major work done by us.


Our offer consists of several ships which we offer to you to enjoy in our beautiful coast and islands. With our wishes for you to spend the best possible time, we also offer you service of carter, skipper, supplying of the ship according to your needs, transportation for arriving and leaving and organizing the visits to the most important places according to your wishes. In the continuation, there are our ships for carter.

Boat sales

Find in our offer something that is of interest to you. If you wish, we are searching for second-hand ships and we also offer you a service of supervisor for all technical details related to the ship. Hire our agency and we will, on your behalf, question and test the status of the ship (its current condition, possible additional costs of the reparations and accuracy of the appliances on the ship) so you can use that later when you negotiate about the price.

Dry dock

Cleaning and closing your ships over the winter. Supervision and video control over your ships during the whole year. All sorts of serves and works on your ships during keeping, including electronic serve, mechanical serve, works with wood and plastic, painting, preparing for the next season and bringing ship into marine harbor according to your wishes.

All types of wintering and their terms are identified in the contract, and from our offer you can choose what suits you the most. Possibility of parking the cars and trailers for the agreed amount of time.

Tourist services

We offer you a visit to all destinations in our arrangement within our offer, and that includes driver and organization of the trip.

  • Rafting on Cetina
  • Dinner at the tavern
  • Trip to Medjugorje
  • Trip to Krka waterfalls
  • Trip to Plitvice Lakes
  • Visit to Omis and the hinterland

Departure and arrival from the airport

Rafting na cetini