Lucky Wave

Specialized store of nautical equipment
Service of yachts and mega yachts

Ship consulting, engineering, ship management, electronic, refrigerants, automatic yacht service. Selling and representation of different nautical equipment (LEWMAR, OCEAN AIR, FENDA SOX, SKIPPER, MARINE AIR CONDITIONING, GENERATORS MARINER AND COELMO, SKIPPER marine air conditioner), services for dry marine harbor, winter maintenance and maintenance on the basis of the contract during the whole year. Selling all ship appliances (passsarela, cranes, air conditioning, refrigerators, generators, batteries, winches, navigational instruments, automatic control, bow thrusters etc.) together with technical advice and insured embedding of all the equipment which was bought in our firm.

  • Supplying of all the ships and technical supplying of the ships. Complete technical maintenance of the ships with a team of people who will meet your requirements. The services of cleaning the ships inside and outside.

  • Preparing the ship for your arrival and providing skipper or other professional people of your choice.

  • The possibility of renting your ships, scooping your ships and putting them down in the marine harbour according to your wishes.

  • We own all necessary equipment and people who are in a technical sense capable of rising services to a level which guarantees high quality service. Our assignment is your pleasure if you show us your confidence.

  • Guarantee for all the works we do. We ask to be given priority in the contract, others by reservation and order, possibility of rejecting clients without contract.

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About us

The idea behind Lucky Wave is that our enthusiasm and need to set greater standards for nautical services.


Our services

Technical services, installation, ship shandler, charter, sale of ships, supply of boats with technical and everyday goods, dry dock, tourist services.



We are happy that we are able to offer you merchandise of reputable global firms in our assortment and we wish you a pleasant time while reading our pages about us and our partners.

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We are interested for representing products from nautical programme which don’t have their distributor in the Croatia yet.